For:  Chapter VIII Section 2. Page 49. From Booklet


Peter said (Matt 15:22):  "This shall not (in no wise) be unto thee."  But it was.  Peter said again (John 18:8):  "Thou shalt never (in no wise) wash my feet." But Christ did.  Thomas said (John 20:25):  "Except I shall see... and put my finger... and thrust my hand... I will not (in no wise) believe."  But he did.  We have this repeated negation in Heb 8:5 in both clauses: beautifully expressed this certainty in his well-known Hymn--

"The soul that on Jesus hath fled for repose, He cannot, He will not desert to his foes:  That soul, though all hell should endeavour to shake, He will never, no never, no never forsake."

For other examples of the Divine use of this strong negation, see Matt 5:18, 20, 24:35; Luke 22:67, 68; John 4:14, 6: 35, 8:12, 51, 5:5, 28;, etc.