I first became interested in the Bible at a young age.  I was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition which gave me virtually no exposure to the Bible.  As I entered adolescence, I attended church on a more regular basis.  Despite my attendance and participation, I experienced a spiritual hunger that remained unsatisfied.  As I attempted to fill the void with my Roman Catholic tradition, I discovered that I had more questions than answers.  I found my religion to be virtually hollow and incapable of satisfying my spiritual craving.  During this time of self-discovery, I found myself turning to the Bible for answers.  I sincerely believed that Book held the truths I was searching for but I was unable to unlock its meaning.  My religion had poorly prepared me to handle the Book. 

While in High School, I encountered a young man who invited me to a biblical research class.  I thought that this class might provide me the opportunity I desired to open the Bible and unlock its meaning.  The class was sponsored by The Way Ministry.  It exposed me to the concept of searching and re-searching the scriptures.  I gained an understanding of the concepts and tools necessary to start allowing the Book to open up and expose it rich treasures.  As I began to utilize the tools and dig, I began to find.  I realized that I no longer needed religion to satisfy my hunger; my spiritual dependence would rest upon the Bible.

In my college years, I had a chance encounter with a loving couple who sponsored a bible study fellowship in their home.  As my Aquila and Priscilla, they opened their hearts and lives to me.  The biblical principles they exhibited permeated my soul.  Indeed, much of what I am today I owe to them.  The embers of our bible study together were fanned into flame when we began our research on sexual ethics in the Bible.  I have had the privilege of co-authoring the work on sexual ethics with them as well as sharing this web site.  Our fellowship and like-mindedness has most joyfully continued through the years and has "oft refreshed me."

Mark A. VanDoren
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