I was about seven or eight years old when I made the decision to give my life to God and His son Jesus Christ.  It was at an evangelistic revival's alter-call at my grandparents Church of the Nazarene.  Soon after, I learned to be afraid that I might backside and go to hell and damnation instead of heaven.  I went back to another alter-call a few months later to be "Sanctified".  At age eleven my mother had changed to a new church so then we were to become Southern Baptist.  We didn't stay long at that Church and I was never baptized by immersion.  I just decided that God would have to take care of me anyway whether I was dunked or sprinkled.  Next we moved on to the Presbyterian Church.  By this time I was old enough to take the Communicates class and became baptized by sprinkling.  That summer left me with many questions.

I decide, when I was old enough to read the bible on my own and study the Word of God, I would find answers.  But the years of educational learning were very difficult for me.  By middle school age I had become quite discouraged with school.  Reading and spelling were very difficult for me.  We now know that the problem is called dyslexia, but in those years we only new that some people were slow.  By High School my ability to read had improved some but I still struggled.  My first year of college was a total bust.  However I wasn't going to give up.  That summer someone took me to a Way Fellowship and soon after I took the class on "Power for Abundant Living".  That did change my life.  I'm not sure what changed, but I can tell you that for the first time in my life I was able to read the home work material.  God in Christ in me, how awesome is that?  That next year in college I was able to improve my grade point average from a 0.4 to a 4.0.

For many years I dedicated my life to the Way International's "Word over the World" program.  Later, my wife Roxie and I spent several years having a "Way Twig Fellowship" in our home.  I am thankful to many individuals from the Way International for introducing me to the tools to rightly dividing the Word of truth, as well as the works of such great men as E W Bullinger.

November 1987 Roxie and I ceased our affiliation with the Way International.  The god of this world can corrupt an individual as well as an organization.  Standing for the truth became more necessary for me than standing with an organization.  It is so important to "watch and pray" and to always be vigilant.

To be in pursuit of truth as workmen of God is what we are attempting to do with this web site.  My hope is that this site will give light and understanding.

God Bless YOU!

K. Kent Miller
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