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Before setting forth the result of our study, it may be of interest to understand what spawned our search of the Scriptures regarding human sexuality; specifically, fornication and adultery.  We've been exposed to many systematic and religious doctrines that provided unclear and sketchy knowledge of the subject of sexual ethics.  Many even supported sexual promiscuity.  Some examples are; a special committee of the Presbyterian Church proposed ordination of gay clergy and rejected adultery and other sexual activity outside of marriage as being wrong, a committee within the Episcopal Church recommended the ordination of gay men as priests, and a book written by an Episcopal Bishop stating that while Paul condemned homosexuality, he himself was a repressed homosexual.  In addition, the news media were reporting incidents of well known and respected religious leaders being involved in promiscuous sexual encounters.

As time continued, we found much of the information that was being disseminated by many of the religious and traditional systems to be unacceptable.   We, too, had questions regarding fornication, adultery and human sexuality.  These questions continued to go unanswered because of the lack of biblically-based information.

An excerpt from an editorial titled "Review & Outlook: The Joy of What?" in the January 8, 1992 issue of The Wall Street Journal reflects upon the condition of our times:

Last year [1991] Americans learned that Magic Johnson had contracted the AIDS virus, New York City schools were handing out condoms to adolescents, and a nephew of [the late] President John F. Kennedy had had sex with a woman he picked up in a bar.  Each news event was about something altogether alien to contemporary culture: sin.

Sin isn't something many people spent much time worrying about in the past 25 years.  But we will say this for sin: it at least offered a frame of reference for behavior.  When the frame was dismantled during the sexual revolution, we lost the guidewire of personal responsibility, the rules for proper conduct of sexual relations.  Everyone was left on his or her own.  It now appears many people could have used a road map.  They needed to be told the direction their sex life was taking was simply wrong.

But moral judgements aren't made much any more, especially not in print or on TV.  Among intellectuals and commentators, judgement was long ago replaced by therapy.  Ministers and priests gave way to clinics and counselors.  Instead of giving your kid a dressing-down, you now give him (or her) a condom.

This is not an appeal for prudery, but for prudence.  The United States has problems with drugs, high-school sex, AIDS and rape.  None of these will go away until people in positions of responsibility come forward and explain, in frankly moral terms, that some of the things people do nowadays are wrong.

We believe that our Creator GOD has not left us without answers to the many things that are pertinent to our life here on earth.  HE has revealed solutions to us through HIS written Word.  We encourage a search of the Scriptures and the contemplation of the things that differ:

Ps 12:6 The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

If the Word of the LORD is pure and tried, then it will stand the test of honest examination and inspection and yield its fruit.  We encourage you to prove all things and hold fast that which is good!

It was our desire in beginning this work to uncover the TRUTH about the ethics and morality of fornication and adultery.  We believe we have seen our desire manifested as well as obtaining the answers to questions relating to other sexually-related topics.  With the disclosure of this truth in mind and to complete our task, we went to the only source for truth and rule for faith and practice, THE WORD OF GOD!  By the grace of GOD and our Lord Jesus Christ, we believe our efforts have proven fruitful and will achieve their full impact according to the purpose of HIM who works all things according to the counsel of HIS own will.

It is our sincere hope that this composition of biblical research will be received with meekness by them that believe and know the truth.   We encourage you to receive this work with all readiness of mind and to search the Scriptures to see whether these things be true.

God Bless You!

K.Kent Miller
Roxana L. Miller
Mark A. Van Doren

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